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6-Figure Online Business

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Work with me one-on-one and go from OVERWHELMED to CONFIDENT in your e-commerce business.

Hi, I'm Tu-Hien!

I will be your personal success guide through your journey to a 6-figure plus business. 

To give you a bit of background, I founded a women’s health and lifestyle brand starting from an idea in my dining room to now a 7-figure e-commerce business within 6 years. 

Throughout my own journey in building a product-based e-commerce business, I have learned from mentors, coaches, and just by doing. I found that as I focused on continually improving my business skills and mindset, the results started to show up in the business. 

Now I want to pass along this valuable knowledge to you so you can achieve success in your business. 


Throughout the one-on-one coaching program, I will show you the EXACT SYSTEMS and PROCESSES that I used to INCREASE REVENUE BY 11X in just over ONE YEAR.

And it can work for you too!

Just the other week, my client sent me a screenshot showing how he increased his monthly sales in his e-commerce business by +270% after using the EXACT strategies I showed him.

In this personalized coaching program, you will have the exact roadmap to build your 6-figure plus business tailored to where you are and what you need right now.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and business, let’s chat!


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    Let me ask you a question

    Are you COMMITTED to take ACTION in your business to achieve the SUCCESS you desire?


    I don’t know

    Tu-Hien. I don’t have time for this program.


    I get it. I too want to make sure I am using my time wisely.

    Actually that is EXACTLY why signing up for the coaching program will help you implement effective strategies that produce results fast. 

    This program teaches you the exact strategies for setting the foundation, gaining clarity on customers, and growing sales.

    What that means to you is that you will know exactly what to implement.

    The real value is your time will be maximized to produce the best results.

    Maximizing your efforts to get the maximum results is what you want isn’t it?

    All you have to do is apply to the program below and we can get your started!


    What to Expect from the Program

    The goal of the coaching program is to establish the foundation for your online business while leveraging best practices and systems necessary for you to grow, scale and thrive. 

    The business coaching program will be structured as follows:

    • 12 week program
    • 9 x 60 min individual virtual coaching calls
    • Weekly assignments that support you in moving your business forward
    • Email support with response time within 1 business day
    • Spot coaching as needed (via voice notes or phone call)

    What You Will Learn Throughout The Program

    4 Pillars of Success Method will help you find clarity, confidence, and success through this process.

    Find clarity by defining goals and intentions, set key measurable results, and create a plan of action.


    Define ideal customers, clarify brand message and customer journey to optimize customer journey.


    Establish marketing systems like content, email, social media, influencer, affiliate, SMS and paid ad strategy.


    Implement systems to scale your business without additional work including productivity systems, task delegation, hiring strategy, and effective communication tools.

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    Don’t feel overwhelmed, the program will be tailored to your needs that will best support the growth and development of your business.

    Still on the Fence?

    You might be thinking, I don’t know Tu-Hien. That’s a lot of money.

    I understand. I too value making smart investments.

    That is EXACTLY why you should sign up for the coaching program. You will learn frameworks & systems that you can leverage immediately to get results.

    The program teaches you how to systematically set up your ecommerce business.

    And WHAT THAT MEANS TO YOU is that you will know exactly what steps to take.

    The REAL VALUE is that you will get results faster.

    Just last week a client of mine shared she leveraged the framework taught in this program during her product launch week and made $15,000 whereas before she made only $1,400 previously without the framework.

    Getting big results faster is what you want isn’t it?

    Apply today for the program and let’s get you started!


    Before You Go

    This personalized coaching program is for you if:

    • You are 100% committed to showing up for yourself and your business
    • You are are ready to take your business to the next level
    • You are ready for what it takes to earn success

    Let’s dive into each of these Pillars and set your business up for success.

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